Do I need to bring a partner?

No, we rotate partners in class, as it’s the best/quickest way to learn Swing Dancing.  Its also more social and everyone is very friendly.

 What if I Don’t want to Rotate Partners?

If you come with your own partner and are not wanting to rotate partners/dance with different people, you may choose to not rotate in class. We don’t advise this, as it will slow down your learning, however we are all about making you feel comfortable in class.

Can I Choose if I want to dance like Fred or Ginger?

Absolutely, the choice is yours. We teach as lead and follow, rather than male and female roles. At Swing Out Sydney, you can choose to dance either role.

We encourage you to stay within that role for the six week course, as you will confuse yourself and not learn efficiently to dance if you are swapping between lead and follow each week.

Why do u run 6 Week Courses?

We want everyone to learn together and start our week 1, assuming no prior dance experience. Each week we build on the week prior, and teach new material. Six weeks will give you the basics to Swing Dancing.

What if I miss Week 1?

You can also start on week 2 of the course, as we revise week 1 at the start of the class. Starting later than week 2, it is recommended to wait for the next course to start.

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